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2017 Goals Recap

December 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Lets see how I did on the goals I set for myself this past year.


  1. Visit one roadside attraction or weird thing per month. I definitely could have done better. There were times I missed this all together but then there were times I did more than one. Jury's out on this. Not a fail but not a complete win either.
  2. Backcountry camp. Totally nailed this one. Still have not slept in my hammock though. My son however, has done this several times.
  3. Run a trail race. Ran a race inside of a rock quarry. I would say yes, though technically not a "trail" this sure as heck was no road race.
  4. Raft the entire Ocoee. Nope, not even close. Did not go near the Ocoee this year. I have high hopes this will happen soon enough since my rafting buddy is moving back to town the first of the year.
  5. White water kayak. Totally! We rocked the Natahala River twice...and it rocked my husband back. I loved it, him, not so much. I did learn I am no where near ready for the Gorge. I have a lot to learn.
  6. Join the State Park Paddlers Club. Total fail. I did not paddle near as much as years past let alone join the club. I did however join the State Park Canyon Club and have knocked 1 of the 4 off the list. Maybe I can get the other 3 in next year (new goal?)
  7. Learn to shoot & edit video. I shot more video this year but the editing is still a work in progress. I started on this and then just never got anywhere. UGH! 2 years in a row and no real progress.
  8. Shoot & develop film. Sort of. I shot a lot of instant film this year and that sort of develops itself...I know that is a stretch. Not what I had in mind. At least some of my old cameras got some use.
  9. Kayak out of state. How about kayak in another country? Totally did that!
  10. Do a creative portrait series. I have started one. That counts.
  11. Exhibit Art. I nailed this one too. Suwanee Town Center City Hall has had one of my photographs displayed in their exhibit most of the year.
  12. Teach the boys to cook one meal per week. This started off rocky but got better. Shane has taken over dinner duty most nights since middle school started but little man still needs to cook more at home. He is however cooking every week in his consumer family science class.
  13. Learn one new skill. I have been learning Spanish. I was doing very well but fell off the second half of the year. I will be picking this back up. I also learned new positions at work. Hard yes.
  14. Participate in the Moon Ride. Complete fail. I ended up getting very sick around the same time as this.
  15. Be Kind. This is always going to be a work in progress. I have been catching myself but I sure had my moments. I have become much more aware of my actions. Meditation has become an almost daily ritual in the last couple of months. This has helped me center myself and in turn make me more calm. When I am calm I am much more apt to be kind.
  16. Visit Cuba. BIG FAT FAIL. I do not even want to talk about it.
  17. Drink more water. This one I for sure nailed!

Looking back I think I was a lot more ambitious than what was possible. I did not account for a 3 month migraine, all the sickness that came with the end of 2016 and a lot of 2017, middle school adjustments and a very stressful work environment. Next year my goals will take on a different shape. I still think I need to keep myself accountable and challenge myself with these goals. I need this to keep me motivated.


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