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Date Day!

May 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We had a rare weekend where we were not only kid free, the kids were out of town. We did all the gown up things. We went out to dinner and drinks Friday night then saw Deadpool 2 with a group of friends. Julian Dennison (the kid) steals the show. We are a huge fan of Hunt for the Wilder People and JD. Saturday morning we got up leisurely and headed out to Brunch at our favorite local spot, The Brunch Apothecary. This time with no wait.

The place is filled with whimsy almost Steam Punk style accents.

I am a big fan of their specials and Stubborn Soda...lemon berry all day every day!

Hers ^

His ^

After a nice filling brunch we headed out for adventures. I originally wanted to spend the day in the kayaks but the weather was on and off so we decided to drive to Kennessaw and check out the new Portal Pinball. It was much smaller the the Pinball Palace but it did have the Star Wars pinball machine I was dying to play again. It also has some old school video games. Both Shane and I played our best games on our old favorites. Mine is Ms. Pac-man and his is Defender. I got my fill of pinball. It was crowded, probably because of all the rain. We bought all day passes so we could come and go. We decided to take a break and visit a really weird and inappropriate nearby roadside attraction and maybe a beer.

After visiting the "civil war museum" from Hell we really needed a drink. Obviously I do not recommend going to Wildman's civil war emporium unless you want to be super uncomfortable, look at an old mans hoarding collection of the most racist, dirtiest and creepiest attic finds or you just have no soul. I had to see it for myself and now I can't unsee it.

We googled and found there were 3 breweries and one distillery close to the area so I just picked the closest one. Burnt Hickory Brewery. This place made up for the horrible sh*t we just endured.

I mean, anyone who uses Lemmy in their logo has to be super cool right?

We ended up staying here much longer than we planned. The place was filled with punk rock fliers from my childhood. The owner is a huge hardcore fan. The staff was amazing and they sold records! I bought an autographed T.S.O.L. vinyl picture disc for $25. We ended up meeting Scott, the owner and telling stories of old shows we attended and talked music for wayyyyy too long. We are definitely going back for their anniversary party.

The record selection was pretty amazing. So was the beer. So many good choices. I liked Cannon Dragger and Ezekiels Wheel best.

After sampling lots of beers and too much conversation we went back for more games and then decided to grab some late-ish dinner at U-Joint to wrap up the night. Sunday was house cleaning and then we went our separate ways to pick up the kids from their trips. Shane to get Brody from his backpacking trip. 18 miles in 2 days that kid hiked, with a pack on! Super proud of my super sore and tired boy. I drove to the airport to pick up my world traveling daughter. She literally had a life altering experience in Europe and made new friends. I hung on every word as she recounted her tales from each city and country she visited.

This week school is out, graduation will be attended, birthdays will be celebrated and I will get to once again attend the first showing of Star Wars, Solo with the family.

Summer is here!



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