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Ever since the days of Flickr and when I was a very active member of the Atlanta Photography Guild (APG) I have wanted to find a glass ball to use as a photo prop. I have searched for years to find one big enough but they were either too small. or too big or just very expensive. I saw a random facebook ad for a lensball and without hesitation I purchased the smaller of the 2 options they sold. Both are very affordable. I opted for the smaller 60mm lensball because I knew I would use it hiking, urban exploring and when I travel and I did not think the bigger one would be as easy to tote around. With hiking and traveling space is everything and so it weight. This little baby is the best thing I have bought in years. SO MUCH FUN!

Using it in bright sunlight can be a challenge. It will burn your hand if you are not careful. It will also accidentally start smoking on the boardwalk you set it down on to take a picture while you are hiking...whoops. My suggestion is to keep it in one of those nifty bags that your Nikon lens comes in, and if you do not have one of those, maybe one of those Crown Royal bags. You don't want to scratch it and you don't want to just carry it loose around with you.

I find myself, wherever I am, looking for something to reflect in it.

My instagram is pretty much full of lensball images #sorrynotsorry

Everything looks fun upside down...sometimes I flip rightside up, too.

The Atlanta beltline has never looked better!

You are going to see a lot more of this little ball of inspiration.



I am in love with the mosaic! Well, they're all pretty cool, so I get the obsession!
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