East Atlanta Strut

September 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Strut is easily where I have the most fun in any neighborhood festival in Atlanta. EAV is where my kind of my people are. I am still trying to convince my husband that we need to move there when the little is all grown up, and after his first full Strut, I might now have an easier time with that.

We had so much fun!

It helps that we spent our precious Strut time with Lori, who makes all things fun anyway. We arrived at the tail end of the parade. I was sad because I thought for sure we would miss the entire thing but at least I caught a glimpse of the magic. Shane has never been to a Strut parade. There are no words.

We spent most of what little of the parade that was left meandering our way through to the Flat Iron to find our friend. She was waiting to race big wheels with me.

I had to have a booster seat because I could barely reach the pedals. Lori took me out on the first lap and I never recovered. I came in dead last. Still it was a blast! Those things are a little scary. But not as scary as the murder babies we purchased from the creepiest vendor at Strut, The Bone Ranch.

Truly this was the nightmare tent but I loved it and I could not believe how affordable her stuff was. I bought a coyote skull for $12.00.

of course we had to eat all the tots!

I can't wait until next years Strut!


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