Childhood Happiness 52/11

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I am on week 11 of the 52 lists for happiness project. This week is all about the things that made me happy when I was a kid. I am also supposed to try and focus on one of those things and do it this week. Most of my joy comes from strictly memories unique to growing up on Long Island, but there are others that could be enjoyed anywhere.

This picture shot on ilford 400 35mm film July,2001 by me.

1. Going to The City which means to a New Yorker, going into Manhattan. I loved going into the city! My dad was a cop in the city. I got to watch the Macy's parade with him in the city. I got to go to the Museum of Natural History. I would see laser shows in the Hayden planetarium and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockette's in the city! I would go to FAO and even Chinatown on field trips with my school. The city was magical to me when I was little.

2. Italian Ices on Jones Beach, er maybe Italian Ices and Jones Beach! To this day Jones Beach is my favorite beach in the world. It just is. Marino's Cherry Ices only with the little wooden spoons.

3. Sledding! I still have my radio flyer wooden sled (now an antique) from when I was little but always preferred plastic sleds because they would go faster! We had a hill in Huntington at Koster Park which was about 5 houses down from where I lived that all of us kids at Stimson Junior High would flock to. There were other parks and other hills, but this was the one that I was first allowed to go to on my own without my brother. It was a big deal.

4. Riding my bike was something that I really loved to do. Even when it nearly killed me. It was my freedom. I made bike ramps, I made trails in the woods. I rode it to the mall (even though I wasn't supposed to). I was really hoping to ride to and from school one day but then I moved. I could not believe how little kids rode bikes down in the south.

5. Animals made me happy as a kid. Growing up we had all kinds of animals, except cats. Mom was not a fan and my step-dad was allergic. Needless to say a cat was the first pet I had when I moved out. As a child though we had lots of dogs and small furry things. Guinea pig, rabbits (lots of them), hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, lizard, snake, tarantula (Terry the Terrible lived 11 years!), salt water fish, fresh water fish, eels, oscars, crabs, sea horses, even a piranha named Pedro. When my parents split, we moved a lot. Animals were my best friends.

I guess of all the things I could do this week, that I did as I kid, I chose to play with my son's new mice. They are so sweet and bring back happy memories. I love watching him play with them and giggle when they tickle his neck. The apple did not fall far from the tree there.

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