Letting Go is Hard

August 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Shane built a bigger enclosure for the backyard that would house the nesting box for the squirrel. For the first two weeks he would only spend a few hours outside getting used to the sights, sounds and smells of the backyard. We brought him back inside each night or if it was bad weather. This summer has been nothing but rainy days and he has been going stir crazy. Ideally waiting for 3 dry days where we could observe was not going to happen and he is beyond ready to be out on his own. He is just too much to keep caged and we have backed off on handling him so he would depend less on us. Now when he is overly excited to get out of his cage he can be extremely aggressive. It's not his fault. He is just being a squirrel.

We have given up on waiting on dry days and he has spent the last week outside in the cage day and night. He is has made a nest in his box and it is his sleeping area that he is well familiar with now. It is time to give him freedom. This was met with tears from the littlest Farmer.

Yesterday, my husband called me on Facetime, opened the door and we watched our little furry baby squirrel explore the world without limits for the first time. He climbed high in the tree (and fell 3 times) but eventually made his way out of the yard to explore. We thought for sure he would have come back last night but he did not. He did come back for food and to say hello to little man first thing this morning! He was dirty wet and cold but alive and well and happy to see him. The cage door is open for him to crawl back to safety when and if he wants and we will feed him as long as he needs us to but for the most part our baby boy is all grown up.



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