All in My Feelings Today

August 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My baby boy starts Middle School today. He is very nervous about it. I am very nervous about it. We did everything we could to prepare him as best as we could for this big jump. He toured the school with his elementary school last year. We signed him up for middle school camp so he could get a taste of what it would be like and make some new friends. He loved it. He spent his first summer being responsible for himself mostly at home. He went away for 7 full days to sleep away camp. He went on his first ever weekend back-packing trip without us, essentially with strangers, since he was new to his Boy Scout troop. He has his own iphone now. We have thrust as much responsibility as we could on him.

I waited with him until I saw the bus heading around the corner and then he left for the bus stop. I wished him luck and when he stepped on that bus this morning I was a big ball of emotions. I know this is the end of some things and the beginning of many others. I am not ready for this road but I have to trust that he is, or he will be. I know there is going to be bumps but there are going to be leaps also. This is going to be the longest day ever. I catch myself looking at the clock and wondering what he is doing now. Is he making friends? How are his teachers treating him? Did he eat his lunch? Will he feel overwhelmed. I worry so much about him. Everyone tells me he will be fine. Everyone doesn't know him like I do. Everyone doesn't know how much of a struggle it takes for him to focus on simple things most take for granted. The length of time it takes him to complete tasks. How important routine is. How scary it is that I have to trust that some how he is going to make it to school everyday without anyone home to help him. Thank God for facetime. This has been weighing on my mind for months and now the time is here. I have made myself sick worrying about it and driving him crazy trying to do everything I could to prepare him for it. Here we are. Middle School. Those formative years. Gosh I hope they are better for him then they were for me. My daughter loved middle school. She went to the same school he is going to. I sure hope he has the same experience. I can't be the only Mom freaking out about the first day of school.

*edit~ He had a great first day.


Side note...we are getting ready to replace the front door and I want this one

my husband says no, it doesn't match, but I think it is way awesome and I don't care. Please comment if you love it too so I cant have some back up.



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