5 Things That Get Me Out of My Head 52/4

August 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

52 lists for happiness

Getting out of my head can be quite daunting at times. I can get stuck there for ungodly amounts of time. I do have some go-to's that are sure to bring me out of a funk. Some are more easily accessible and work better than others. Here are the 5 that work of the best off my written list.

  1. Hiking! Hands down. #1, for sure best way to get myself out of my head is any wooded path, preferably up a mountain. The fresh air, the sounds of nature and the smells just click something inside of me.
  2. Photography for fun. Granted sometimes I can get in my head when I am working or before a big event but when I am just out exploring with my camera, THAT is my happy place. At times you will catch me talking to myself. I might even skip if I got a great shot. This is where I really become myself and just don't care about anything else.
  3. Kayaking! 3 years of kayaking and it is the best therapy money can buy. Ocean kayaking, lake kayaking or river kayaking. I love it all. River is my favorite. When I am on the river all I can think about it what is ahead. I have to read the river. Pay attention, Paddle, turn, float, some rivers are more technical than others. It really clears my head. It is a great stress reliever. I haven't been able to paddle as much this summer and I think that has attributed to my stress headaches. I need more time in the water.
  4. Running is another outlet for me to sweat out the small stuff, ha! Processed with VSCO with a6 preset  
  5. Last but not least is camping! Sleeping outside, eating outside, just being outside for extended periods of time reset all my buttons. Sure there are lots of other little things that help get me out of my head but these are the best 5 for me.




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