Techincal Tree Climbing

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I have been battling my first migraine headache for 24 days. Thanks stress! Seriously, I never get headaches. One reared it's head and it got ugly fast. Many different doctors, blood tests, MRI's, medications, massages, essential oils, ice, rest, depression, facebook advice and I am finally finding relief. Not cured yet but I am not crying myself to sleep anymore. I have a new sympathy for migraine sufferers. This about ruined my summer. I have not had much energy or time spent not in pain orsuffering from side effects from all the different pain meds to have many adventures so I am going to share a much fonder memory of a summer adventure back in 2014 when I purchased a groupon for technical tree climbing.

We did TTC at Panola Mountain. I wish I could remember the technical details like how high the tree was but I don't. It was high. It was an old Oak. It was pretty easy once we got the hang of it and we were a little sore after. Even our littlest member managed to go pretty high and he is the most timid of all of us.

Screenshot Screenshot

We all climbed to the top of the ropes we were on and my daughter got back on to the highest rope and climbed to the top of that one as well. Chip off the old block that one is. We used the doubled rope technique. DRT is when the rope is draped over a branch, and both rope ends are used in a series of climbing knots which allow the climber to ascend and descend. When the climber isn’t moving, the main knot, called a modified Blake’s hitch, automatically holds him/her safely in place. Whenever climbers want to pause and enjoy the view, all they have to do is let go. Stopping in mid-air also gives the climber the thrill of being in height with complete safety.

Sorry for the crappy instagram pics but you get the idea. This was an amazing day and despite the terrible pics I wanted to look back on a fonder summer. Video here





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