Routines 52/2

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52 Lists (#2)



My routines vary greatly from weekday to weekend. I am not a huge fan of routines. Maybe it is the ADD in me. I like spontaneity in my personal life but organization and routine in my work. This weeks prompt is to list routines in both work and personal life. Here is a mix of both.

  1. Coffee, everyday in the morning. At work I drink it immediately after logging into my computer as I scroll through all of my emails. On the weekends my husband makes my the most amazing cup of coffee and brings it to me in bed most of the time because I like to sleep in. On the occasions that I have an early shoot or we are hitting the river, he will make me a to go cup while I am getting ready in the bathroom. It is one of the little things I cherish most about him.
  2. Taco Tuesday. Pretty much for the last 2 years we have been having turkey tacos every Tuesday more often than not.
  3. Spinning records while I edit. Ever since I purchased this record stand and moved it into my creative space it has become habit to listen to records while I edit images.
  4. Running at lunch. I do not do it every day but it is routine for me to do this several times a week. I am really lucky to have a work environment that promotes healthy habits like this.
  5. Reading blogs. I do not read a ton of blogs but I routinely read The Dainty Squid (seriously...scary how much I relate to this girl), Under the Sycamore (her parenting and traveling with all those kids and photo skills...I don't know how she does it), The Only Living Girl In NY (thanks to Kaylah), The Daily Tay (This girl is hilarious and her pup is precious) and Wander North Georgia (because...all the best hiking spots)



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