2017 Goal Progress Report

June 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

2017 took a minute to build up momentum. Holding myself accountable for this years goals will be a feat.

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So far visiting roadside attractions has proven difficult on a semi-regular basis. I am exploring, just not as much as I would like but the weather and my schedule is changing so hoping to rock the rest of the year.

We totally back country camped and have another trip lined up for August so I consider this one mastered!

A ran a race in a rock quarry and consider that to be the ultimate trail race! check!

Rafting the entire Ocoee maybe off the table due to other white water trips planned but the season is only started so who knows. Speaking of other white water trips, I have my first white water kayak trip planned for sure at the end of Summer but there might be another one in the works.

I have yet to join the state park paddlers club. With the 85 bridge collapse that put a damper on a lot of travel. It is fixed a month early so I hope I can get that at least started soon.

I have been purging,  still have a ton more to go but I have made a dent! I have been making weekly, sometimes daily trips to Goodwill. My next big purge is going to be all my random glasses. I do not need 1000 wine glasses.

I still have not shot any film or edited any video. Gah! I know I still have 6 months.

Kayaking out of state was a big plan this year. Some terrible things have happened so this goal is not looking hopeful. However kayaking out of the country is a sure thing! More to come on that...a LOT more.

I started a creative portrait series and have another in mind. Still a work in progress but it is in progress.

I have a single piece of art on exhibit for the next year. Technically this goal is completed but why stop at one.

Teaching the boys to cook has been somewhat of a bust. The little is learning to cook meals because he has to for boy scouts but not exactly what I had in mind. The big boy has been making me vegan/gluten-free breakfast sandwiches just about every weekend and that is great but still not what I had in mind.

I am learning Spanish. I am getting pretty good at reading it. I would call that learning a new skill.

The Atlanta Moon Ride is coming up and I still have hope to participate.

On being kind, I am sure a few family members will think I am failing at this but those that communicate with me often will attest that I am trying to be much more positive. Being kind to myself, above all, sometimes causes unkind results.

I have been drinking a lot more water thanks to my super huge Yeti. Yes I am a Yeti fan girl, though I own 4 of those cups only one is a real Yeti. The Costco knock offs are better! Cold water all day every day!

On Cuba. Sadly I was supposed to have already gone to Cuba. The trip has been pushed out to the fall. Fingers crossed ya'll!

How about you? How are you doing on your goals?




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