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We went on what would be our last Cub Scout adventure.

On St. Patrick's Day we drove 3 hours to middle Georgia to meet up with other members of our pack at the illustrious (sic) Baymont Hotel in Cordele. It has an indoor pool that our boys quickly dominated. We parents sipped our adult beverages while trying to have conversations over a gaggle of little boys screaming and playing football in a pool located in a small room. The goal was to wear them out and entertain them so we could have some semblance of a Patty's Day celebration. Y'all know how I love my St. Patrick's Day. We stayed until they kicked us out of the pool and then made everyone shower and go to bed so we could get up early, eat breakfast and head over to Georgia Veterans State Park to catch a train.

We arrived fairly early and yet more football broke out while killing time to board the train.

We were taking the SAM Shortline in 1949 vintage train cars to Plains, GA. to tour the small town where former President Jimmy Carter grew up and still resides.

There were parts that were very scenic and there were parts that were pretty sad. Middle Georgia is not known for it's scenic countryside.

Once we arrived in Plains we had close to an hour and a half. We really wanted to see the haunted house on the map but we did not have enough time to go there and make it back. We tried. We did find out that we would not have been able to go inside so I am not terribly disappointed. We did knock out a few Roadside America attractions and toured Jimmy Carter's old high school turned museum, sampled and bought peanuts and wandered around the little main street.

Once back on the train we ate lunch and plotted our next move (which was to kill time before the train returned to the depot for the night for us to sleep in)

Some of our group stayed on the train to the last stop and circle back to the park and the rest of us went to the park to explore the military museum.

Sadly I did not take as many pictures as I would have liked from the overnight. I was having too much fun in the moment, enjoying the last time we were all going to be together like this. The boys prefer not having their picture taken and they just were having fun running around, making s'mores and playing in the dark.

It is the end of an era. I have had the best 4 years with this group, for better and worse. Friendships have been formed and memories made. The next time we are all together is for crossover when my son officially becomes a Boy Scout. I am excited to see where this leads him and to encourage the independence that comes along with it. I am really sad to be losing Rick, who has been an excellent leader, patient mentor to all these boys and my friend.

Shooting for the Stars...let's see where we land.



Oh my I'm in love with those big peanut statues!
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