Outstanding Opportunites 52/21

December 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This weeks prompt was to list the best opportunities in life others have afforded me. Not in order, here we go...

1. Through my friend Lori, we were introduced to Tracey Munroe who runs the Southeastern Llama association. My son and I have now walked llamas in 4 major Atlanta parades. Animals + parades are some of my favorite things in life! More on this years Christmas parade soon!

2. My high school art teacher, Sherry McDonald, entered pieces of my artwork into several major exhibitions in Atlanta and through her I was granted a workshop at UGA for metal working.

3. Switching careers is scary and it was something I wanted to do but when it happened I was sort of forced into it. I was hired by Shumate. It was Russ Patterson that saw something in me and promoted me into an accounting position and as they say, the rest is history.

4. Through my high school friend Jen and meeting her friend Dayna and luckily hitting it off, I have been invited to work on some amazing film projects.

5. My friend Beth invited my husband and I out to visit her in California for my 40th birthday. I was an amazing trip and I was shown around parts of Northern California I have always dreamed of. She let us stay with her and drive her car and even made us breakfast in bed almost every day. Talk about a wonderful friend to have!



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