Old Car City

November 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

*Warning* This post is picture heavy!

My husband and I found ourselves with a very random fall Wednesday off of work together. Prior plans were foiled so we took this day to do something fun and knock a long awaited item off my bucket list, Old Car City.

The worlds largest known old car junk yard started out as a dealership in 1931 and is still owned by the same family. There are about 7 miles worth of trails filled with old cars of various sorts. We did not cover but maybe half of the property. I really want to go back and see the rest. There are old hearses buried in the back that I missed.


It is a little pricey to get in and explore this place. They charge anyone taking pictures or being in a picture $25 cash to explore the grounds. This is part of the reason I have stayed away so long. I have a pretty cool junkyard that doesn't charge anything by my house that I can explore anytime I want but it is not filled with old cars and neat old technology.

Did you ever see that show "Life After People" on the History Channel? When you are walking around this place you cannot help but feel like you are in an episode.

My husband wants a "project" car so bad. This was very difficult for him to wrap his head around. He could not stand to see all of these dream cars of his rotting away. He wanted to rescue them.

Wow ... That was long but there were too many pictures I wanted to share and had many requests from my male friends wanting to see these pictures so I did not want to leave anything out. Thanks for sticking through this long post!



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