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I just finished my second Mary Roach book, Grunt, The Curious Science of Humans at War.

If you are unfamiliar with Mary, she writes about the science in a witty way, sometimes uncomfortable, concerning any topic that peaks her curious curiosity.

Grunts delves into topics you do not hear much about when researching soldiers safety and training. Things like the research behind shark repellents, Stench soup- researching what universally makes everyone gag, the pitfalls of diarrhea in the field, the future of penis transplants and the need for sex therapy for amputees. I learned more than I bargained for and felt myself wincing more than once. Honestly this is the reason I read this book. I loved Stiff and figured I would give another one of her books a shot. I would say I am definitely a fan now.

Between the hype of the Hulu series and the state of the country I decided it was time to read The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood.

The premise if I had read this book 10 years ago would not be as scary as having reading it now. It is a dry and somber tale of a post apocalyptic US, we are never really sure what exactly happened but the aftermath was women were basically property of men or the state (ran by men), stripped of rights, for their own good. Low birth rates was an huge issue so any fertile single young woman was recruited by some religious decree, to be used, for the greater good, to provide their body to barren couple for procreation. Supposedly this was an honor, though it did not seem anyone other than the brainwashing "Aunts" who provided the training for this job, felt this way. It is an uncomfortable read. I don't want to ruin this for anyone but the ending very much pissed me off. It dragged on until the end, then felt rushed, and left more questions than answers. I have not watched the show but if I ever decided to get Hulu I will, just to see if it differs and how they end it.

Graphic Novel read this time around is The Lumberjanes.

This is very much a middle school read. A guilty pleasure. It is a about of bunch of Girl Scout type scouts at summer camp and the shady people, weird monsters and things they encounter. With my love of all things scouting, camping and Scooby Doo, this comic feels like it was written for 11 year old me. I honestly loved it and will continue to read this series.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was recommended countless times and by some who have read it over and over. I could see where re-reading this you would catch more than the first time around. It is an intricate story. Part circus, part vampirish with alot of Harry Potter-esque magic. It is essentially marketed as a love story but I find that to be the least intriguing thing about the plot. This has Tim Burton written all over it. I honestly don't know how I felt about this book. It kept my interest but felt it did not live up to my expectations of it.

Edgar by Jason Appling. A tale of zombies, love and the quest for pizza. This is a fun quick read written by a friend of mine who is a high school language arts teacher. This is unlike any zombie book you will ever read. We follow along what it is like to be a zombie from a zombie's point of view, Edgar. He has already written the second book for this story and it is available on Amazon. You should check it out.






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