Being Kind 52/23

December 15, 2017
52 lists List the simple ways you enjoy being kind to others. Holding the door open. Giving someone my cart at Aldi. Stopping to let someone out in traffic. Buying...
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Islands of Adventure

December 14, 2017
Universal Orlando consists of 2 parks connected by the Universal Citywalk in the middle and if you have the 2-park pass you can also ride the train between the 2 parks lo...
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Expecto Patronum!

December 13, 2017
My daughter loved Harry Potter at the same age that my son now has discovered him. I should say, I love Harry Potter too. When those movies are on, I have to watch them....
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Ghosts of Christmas Presents Past

December 11, 2017
Feeling a little nostalgic. I miss the excitement of being a kid at Christmas. I would literally be awake all night, waking my sister up every hour. "Is it time to get up...
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Prioritizing 52/22

December 08, 2017
52 lists project Make a list of the things I prioritize before I do the things that make me happy. Must make sure all of Brody's homework is done before anything else c...
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